Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Bus Charters

What is your service area?

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, northern California, and British Columbia-Canada.


Can you transport all sizes of groups?

Yes, we have a large fleet of motorcoaches, mini-buses, and shuttle vans.


How do I reserve the bus service?

Calling our sales representatives at 503-249-1837 or emailing us at [email protected].


Do I need to put a deposit down to secure my reservation?

Yes, 50% is required in advance.


How are you disinfecting your buses?

We have implemented a HVAC anti-microbial system filter in the cabins of each bus and are applying the antibacterial disinfectant Vital Oxide throughout our buses daily using a cutting edge electrostatic anti-microbial fogger.  In addition, we are providing hand sanitizer, extra facial coverings, anti-bacterial wipes and no-touch garbage receptacles.  “High touch points” are also wiped down continuously by our staff.

Can we bring food and beverages on the bus?



Can we bring alcoholic beverages on the bus?

Yes, provided that advance permission has been granted and the proper consumption permits and licenses have been purchased.  All costs associated with these permits and licenses are the sole responsibility of the customer.  In addition, glass containers are prohibited.


Do all of your buses have restrooms?

Only the full-size motorcoaches.


How can we pay for the service?

Cash, check or credit card (we accept all major credit card types)


How much storage is there in the motorcoaches, mini-buses and vans?

We have under bus cargo storage and overhead storage bins inside the motorcoaches, overhead storage bins and rear storage in our mini-buses, and rear storage in the full-size vans.

Is your group ready to travel?

We're here to help!